Vicky Helmer Recommends Victor J. Torres

Waiting alone at Valley General for the taxi to take me home after the accident that totaled my car began the grueling recovery. I knew it was going to get bad fast, the pain, the medical bills and demanding phone calls. I needed a good attorney. A friend attorney wisely recommended Victor Torres. From the first call, it was right. Victor and his awesome capable paralegal Angila, walked with me every step of the way. I did my best to cooperate in every request and instruction but I was not the best client, I couldn't keep a diary of daily challenges and I knew I was giving them a dog case with my age and life challenges. TORRES & HAROLDSON always encouraged, they kept me informed every step. Three years later I was not well enough for settlement; trial was scheduled for Jan 2020. My TORRES & HAROLDSON advocates never abandoned me. Their primary instruction was to let them take the legal and I was to concentrate on rest and healing. In December 2019, Victor called and asked what were my expectations for a reasonable settlement. I truthfully told him I would consider myself fortunate to come out with medical paid and something toward paying off the car I had to buy, and hopefully a sum to help with continued therapy. He said he has xxx dollars he knew he could get for me; would this be acceptable? I nearly fell off my chair. TORRES & HAROLDSON advocates turned my dog case into a miracle outcome. I would not have to work to age 70 and, NO TRIAL. Benefit of wisdom can be yours too choosing TORRES & HAROLDSON. If you are not convinced, reread the reviews then, CALL TORRES & HAROLDSON. You will never be in this alone. Your advocates are just that one phone call away, CALL. God bless you and our advocates TORRES & HAROLDSON.

– Vicky Helmer

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